Dogs are human¡¯s best friend. They are great companions and wonderful pet as well. They are devoted, loyal and nonjudgmental and will love you unconditionally.

Their playfulness and energy will surely bring you laughter and will ease your burden and frustrations in life.

However, when they got sick, injured and in pain, they will no longer be as active as usual. If this happens, you need to make sure that you will address your canine friend¡¯s needs in terms of medication and proper care.

Dogs have following symptoms?

Reduction in muscle tone/bulk
Falls behind on walks
Licking affected joints
Somewhat reluctant to climb stairs
Slight Stiffness on rising/lying down
Mild swelling/heat in the joints

So what should you do? What pain relief for dogs are you going to use?

Unlike before, there are several pain reliefs that you can give to your precious dog nowadays. However you need to make sure that the treatment you will be using does not have side effects.

Moreover, knowing what pain relief for dogs are safe and effective and how much is needed to give should be learned by pet owners.

However, don¡¯t fret if you don¡¯t know much how to treat your pet properly. To relieve your best friend from any kind of discomfort and pain, here are some tips about pain relief for dogs.

• Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These are commonly used for conditions that are inflammatory and painful like arthritis. Fentanyl is a type of narcotic pain reliever that can reduce painful or serious condition like bone cancer in dogs. Following are the medications that you can give to your dog:

o Rimadyl (this comes in chewable tablets, caplets and injection)
o Etogesic (tablets)
o Previcox (chewable tablets)
o Metacam (drops can be given by mouth or injection)
o Deramaxx (chewable tablets)
o Zubrin (fast disintegrating tablets)
o Novox (caplets)

• OTC pain reliever. Aspirin is commonly used as pain relief for dogs and can be administered with a rate of 10 mg per pound. However, ibuprofen and acetaminophen should only be used if prescribed or supervised by a veterinarian.

• Physical Therapy. Without putting so much stress of body weight, this can be a good way in exercising injured limbs and increasing range of motion. Following are the physical therapies that you can give to your canine friend:

o Swimming. This is an ideal low-impact exercise for dogs that are in painful conditions.
o Short trip around near areas. This is the most comfortable way for dogs in recuperating from spinal injuries. You can bring your dog in parks for a short walk that will help him regain strength and to be free from stress and subsequent pain.

• Visit your vet. If you want to get the best pain reliever for your dog, visiting your veterinarian is the best thing to do.

Your vet can run necessary test and can prescribed medicines that will guarantee quick result and easiness for your canine friend. So before you do home medications, consult an expert first.

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But, if Any of This Sounds Familiar with you Dog:

Aggression towards people or other dogs¡­
Biting and Nipping¡­
Excessive Barking¡­
Ignoring Simple Commands like ¡°sit¡± or ¡°stay¡±¡­
Jumping Up¡­
Peeing and Pooping in the House¡­
Bolting out the Front Door¡­
Suffering from Separation Anxiety¡­
Tugging on the Leash¡­
Begging for Food¡­
Won¡¯t Come When Called¡­
Fear of Objects, People or Animals¡­
Mounts other dogs or people¡­
You have a puppy that is trying to figure out the world¡­

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